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Indoor Golf Simulator System

Indoor Golf Simulator System

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Full set of indoor golf simulator, home theater, conference system

Utilize the included auxiliaries: 9-point locating plate, hanger pawl, hanger screw package, USB camera, Bluetooth audio, power adapter, wireless router (Gigabit Edition), rubber tee (domestic blade row insertion), Yinggui Pinzi power cord, British standard insertion glue, glue gun, calibration block, GSV PRO sensor assembly, power adapter (GND), TEE spot lamp (new), self-tapping screws, MARK ball (12 lines), push rod hole cup and motor, push rod control box & components, push rod steel plate, 61263F synthetic grass (push rod platform), light peak projector (incl. lens), branded computer, switch wire assembly (GOLFJOY S95), Hengtaixin Golf Simulation Software V1.2, GREENJOY S95 (2022), wooden club rack, general cabinet package (revised Dec 2021), calibration board (cloud eye psv pro csv pro)

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