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PAGANI Design Mechanical Watch

PAGANI Design Mechanical Watch

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Experience timekeeping on a whole new level with the PAGANI Design Mechanical Watch. Its meticulously engineered inner workings, crafted with precision and grace, ensure accurate and reliable timekeeping. The perfect blend of form and function, this luxurious watch makes the ideal statement piece for any modern fashionista.

Movement: Japan Citizen 8215
Case material: Stainless steel
Mirror: Sapphire synthetic glass
Waterproof index: 30 meters
Dial width: 42mm
Strap length: 220mm
Case thickness: 12mm

A: Intermediate gold shell and gold surface steel strip (bar)
B: Intermediate gold shell and gold surface steel belt (with diamonds)
C: White shell white surface steel strip
D: White shell blue surface steel belt
E: White shell gray steel belt
F: Intermediate gold shell black steel belt
G: White shell black surface steel belt

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