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STEELDIVE Diving Watch

STEELDIVE Diving Watch

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The STEELDIVE Diving Watch is a must-have for any serious diver. Rated to up to 660 feet, it is constructed with stainless steel and sapphire crystal, making it robust and durable. It has a unidirectional rotating bezel, luminous dial, and is pilot friendly. Experience extreme diving with the STEELDIVE Diving Watch.

Movement: Auto mech. Case: 316L steel Diameter: 47.5mm Length: 44mm Thickness: 15mm Case ear: 22mm Watch length: 260mm Strap: Silicone/rubber/steel Mirror: Synthetic sapphire Size: 31.5*3.9mm (dia.*thick.)

A:Green LOGO 316L Three Pearl Stainless Steel Strap
B:Green LOGO 316L Five Pearl Stainless Steel Strap
C:Green elastic rubber strap with LOG0
D:Green rubber strap with L0GO black round hole
E:Green with L0G0 black checkered silicone strap
F:Green with LOG0 black leather strap
G:Green LOGO-free 316L three-ball stainless steel strap
H:Green No LOGO 316L Five Pearl Stainless Steel Strap
I:Green elastic rubber strap without LOG0
J:Green No L0GO Black Round Hole Rubber Strap
K:Green No L0G0 Black Checkered Silicone Strap
L:Green no LOG0 black leather strap
M:Blue stainless steel strap with LOG0 three beads
N:Blue steel strap with LOGO tank
O:Blue has LOG0 black silicone elastic strap
P:Blue has LOG0 black leather strap

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